Why do I need to provide a short introduction video?2019-06-25T15:58:42+01:00

We need your short self – introduction video because the schools require this from all applicants.   This is to enable the schools to have a better understanding of applicants’ abilities. Also, it will help us to match you to the best English teaching position for you in our schools and set up an interview between you and your potential school.

Do I need a degree in education?2019-06-25T16:00:47+01:00

Having a degree in education is NOT required for all positions. Some positions require having a degree in education, but most positions simply require a 4-year degree of any kind.

What if I have no experience?2019-06-25T16:06:09+01:00

Just like any job in the West, experience is preferred but NOT required. Many of our placed ESL teachers are brand new.

Do I need to speak Mandarin?2019-06-25T16:12:38+01:00

It is not a requirement at all to speak Mandarin. Most schools usually offer free Mandarin lessons from their Chinese staff.

Why do I need to provide a photograph with my resume?2019-06-25T16:13:08+01:00

While this may seem strange to people from the Western world, in China it is customary to attach a photograph with a resume for any job you apply for – this goes for both locals and foreign workers. In addition, the schools want to make sure that you are presentable, as a lot of these schools are private schools that charge parents a significant amount of money to send their kids there. We won’t hold onto your picture longer than we need it.

Why do you need a scan of my passport?2019-06-25T16:13:45+01:00

We will need to see a scan of the first page of your passport after we have determined you will be a good fit for the job and at the point of the beginning of preparation a whole package of your documents for a Chinese working visa. The school needs to see this to make sure that you can legally work in China and that they can help to obtain a work visa for you. We will not keep any of your documents longer than we need them to get you a job.

At what kind of school will I teach?2019-06-25T16:14:21+01:00

Public junior

Senior middle schools

Private senior middle schools

Foreign language schools

International schools

Where are your schools located (City/Province)?2019-06-25T16:14:50+01:00

Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Guizhou, Hubei, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Weifang, Ningbo, Liaocheng, Changzhou, Shaoxing, Hangzhou, Nanchong, Suzhou, Wuhan, Jinhua and other cities.

Is there a salary payment during holiday periods?2019-06-25T16:15:15+01:00

This depends on your contract. Some schools will offer a Holiday bonus instead according to candidate’s qualifications and English teaching experience.

Is food included in the salary package?2019-06-25T16:15:45+01:00

Some schools will provide free breakfast and lunch during workdays.

What is the visa type offered?2019-06-25T16:16:11+01:00

Chinese working visas Z.

What are the minimum and maximum working hours allowed?2019-06-25T16:16:36+01:00

Schools require at least 20-25 hours per week of teaching as Full-time work. Some schools require 15 office hours per week which require you to simply be seen at your school.

What is the notice period given to teachers at the end of the contract term for their contract to be renewed?2019-06-25T16:17:01+01:00

You and the school will discuss this. You will be given more than enough time to decide if you want to stay or pursue another path. The schools will always provide a release letter that enables you to get an easy transition into your new visa, as long as you have fully completed your contract at a satisfactory level.

When a contract is renewed, is there a possibility of negotiating a salary increase?2019-06-25T16:17:25+01:00

Salary will be negotiated for the second term according to your first term’s performance.

What age-groups will I be required to teach?2019-06-25T16:17:56+01:00

You will be teaching practice English, especially oral English to one of the following age groups:

Kindergarten (3 – 6 years old)

Primary school (6 – 12 years old)

Middle/ secondary school (12 – 16 years old)

High school (16 –19 years old)

What is the average size of the students per classroom?2019-06-25T16:18:19+01:00

This depends on the school’s number of students.  Class size in China’ s schools is usually bigger than that in foreign countries. Normally it is between 45-50. But in some schools, it is smaller and no more than 25.

Is there a Chinese assistant in the classroom?2019-06-25T16:18:42+01:00

For kindergarten positions you will always have an assistant.

Is accommodation provided?2019-06-25T16:19:06+01:00

Accommodation is provided. It is free and fully furnished.

What facilities are typically included in the apartment?2019-06-25T16:19:28+01:00

Kitchen, Western-style toilet, shower, completely furnished, bedroom, living-room etc.

Is the apartment a shared accommodation or single?2019-06-25T16:19:52+01:00

This depends on the contract offered.

Do schools provide curriculum and other teaching materials?2019-06-25T16:20:16+01:00

The guidance/textbook with teaching material will be provided, but you can add your own creative ideas into your lessons.

Will I have to pay for utilities?2019-06-25T16:20:42+01:00

Usually, schools pay for all the utility bills; water, electricity and gas.
Some schools will reimburse you for the cost of utilities.